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Maple Lane Puppy Etiquette

Board & Train

and Started Puppy Program

As time permits, we will save back puppies for our 'Started Puppy' program.

These puppies are perfect for the family who needs just a little extra help getting started with their puppy training.  We train these pups just as we would were we keeping them for ourselves, putting the initial training on them for you.  

We cannot guarantee that your puppy will be completely house trained or obedience trained when they leave.  They are still babies and will need consistent training and guidance for their entire first year to make a solid dog.  Our Puppy Etiquette Started Puppy program is an introductory training package and not intended to produce a polished dog.  Each puppy is individual in their mental and physical maturing process so will have varying time requirements for learning new skills and having bladder control.  Most puppies will not be able to hold their bladder and bowels for long periods of time until they are 6 months old.  They will only begin to be reliable in their house training, with much consistency and structure,  at 6-8 months old.

Week 1:

  • ​Discourage all biting and jumping

  • Sit for 'please'; includes sitting for food and pets

  • Start 'Wait' for food

  • Happy in crate

  • Wait to exit crate

  • Beginning leash training; no tension on the leash

  • Overnight crate training

Week 2:

  • Same as above

  • Down command

Week 3:

  • Same as above

  • Sit command

Week 4:

  • Same as above

  • Stay command

  • Stand command

Week 5:

  • Same as above

  • Walking nicely on leash; beginning heeling

Week 6:

  • Same as above

  • Come command

If you are interested in adopting a Maple Lane puppy, please fill out the adoption application.  You can also view our adoption agreement and guarantee here and our Maple Lane puppy care here.  Again, we are now offering training with each puppy, see our training page!!

Started Puppies

3 Black Females

Please visit our Started Puppy Page for more information.

 Updated 11/14/17

Expected Litters
Expected Litters

Upcoming Litter

All Yellow Litter

Sunny X Gilly


Projected due date: 01/17/18

Projected take home date: 03/07/18

updated 11/15/17

Puppy Pictures

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