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Maple Lane Labradors
Amy Smith
Adoption Contract & Receipt

Address: _____________________________City:________________ State: ____ Zip code ________

The puppy/dog offered for sale is sold as companion quality and is register-able with The American Kennel Club on Limited Registration.

Puppy/dog’s Name:________________________ Micro Chip #__________________________ Sex: _____
AKC #:_______________________  Coat color: Black/Yellow/Chocolate     Collar color__________

Whelped: __________________ Date of Sale:___________________ Amount of Sale:_____________
Sire:____________________________________ Dam:___________________________________


General Health Warranty:

If your Veterinarian certifies your puppy to have a debilitating illness or injury or possess a congenital defect within 72 hours of purchase, the cause of which is attributable to the breeder, a replacement or refund will be given.

Genetic Health:

The health clearances completed on a breeding pair are merely predictors that the puppy will have a LOW RATIO for genetic predisposition to developing catastrophic orthopedic or ophthalmologic abnormalities. The scientific perspective for the many possible complex combinations of genes dictates that there cannot be a guarantee against such genetic disorders. We, at Maple Lane Labradors, will guarantee our puppies against hip and elbow dysplasia and CERF-able eye diseases with the following considerations:

In the event of a catastrophic debilitating condition which is determined to be of a genetic nature and not environmentally induced or acquired and the dog cannot function for its intended purpose as a pet, we will replace the puppy with one of similar quality and potential or refund the original purchase price once the original dog has been returned to the breeder.

The prognosis must be that the condition is of an extreme nature that will highly impact the quality of life and impede physical exertion from youth to the beginning of old age. If a non-specialized Veterinarian has done the initial x-rays, the buyer agrees to a second opinion by the Breeder's Veterinarian or an Orthopedic Veterinarian Radiologist.

The following must be met for this reimbursement: receipt of OFA documentation which shows the radiographs of hips &/or elbows were taken and submitted for evaluation between the age of 24-26 months, written statement from a certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist prior to the age of 24 months indicating a genetic disorder has been discovered. The dog has not been allowed to become obese, that it has not participated in prolonged strenuous exercise (such as jogging) prior to 18 months of age, that it was not spayed or neutered before the age of 2 years and that the dog has never produced a litter or had a major physical injury. Any of these factors will void any warranty.

The above named dog has received the first of its series of inoculations for infectious disease and has been treated for parasites; The above named dog is functionally sound.


The buyer agrees to take proper care of the dog throughout its life, including a fenced yard, adequate shelter, food and water, exercise, socialization with people and dogs, crate training, and most importantly, obedience training. The puppy shall not be allowed to run loose without supervision. The buyer agrees to complete the series of inoculations and yearly boosters. Buyer further agrees that, if for any reason, they are unable to keep this dog, it is not to change ownership but will be brought back to the breeder's for re-homing.

Purchaser assumes full responsibility for the health care of the above named dog immediately upon receipt.

The above named dog has been placed on Limited Registration until proof of OFA Hip, elbow & CERF eye certification at which time, the ‘Limited’ status may be removed. The purchaser also agrees that the dog will only be bred to other dogs with the same qualifications. If these stipulations are not met and dog is allowed to be bred, the Limited registration status will not be lifted and the litter will not be eligible for registration with the AKC.

If the Limited registration is removed and the dog is used for breeding the purchaser agrees that Limited Registration will also be used for all offspring.

Because of the variety and quality of dog foods available, and all canine illnesses are NOT covered by vaccinations or health screenings, we strongly recommend that your Maple Lane dog/ puppy continue to take Nu-Vet Plus Canine supplement.  We want to keep their immune system strong and help prevent illness, particularly during their heavy growing years.

If for any reason the New Owner is unable to care for the above named dog, THE DOG MUST BE RETURNED TO THE BREEDER or the breeder must be contacted if the above named dog is given or sold to another party other than the breeder. Resale of this dog will terminate the terms of this contract. The breeder will possibly transfer this guarantee to the new owners if they fill out a adoption application and are approved by the breeder. The breeder is not obligated to transfer the guarantee.

If the dog is returned to the breeder ownership must be transferred to the Breeder at time of return.

The New Owner understands that the Breeder will try to recoup some of the New Owner's original purchase price, but will not refund more than 50%  as the original deposit is non-refundable. The ultimate goal will  be a suitable home for the dog. 



Breeders Signature_______________________________________ Date:______________________
Purchasers Signature______________________________________ Date:______________________











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