Older Puppies and Dogs


Occasionally, we will have adult dogs and/or older puppies available for adoption.


Some of these dogs may be retired from our breeding program or maybe they did not pass the stringent requirements we strive to meet in order to be a part of our breeding program.

Sometimes, we have puppies/dogs returned to us for various reasons.  

Usually, these dogs are a good fit for someone who doesn't want to go through the baby puppy phase.  They will have some level of training and be a wonderful addition to someone's household.

If you are interested in adopting one of our older dogs/puppies;

Maple Lane Labradors
Faithfully working to produce the 'all-around Labrador':
Sound Temperament
Solid Health
Superior Intelligence
Surpassing Beauty
A Will to Please
and most importantly,
Loyal Family Companion
Older Puppy/Dog

Memo and Lucy

are being retired from our breeding program.  With the changing demands of our family, we have decided to go ahead and place these two girls.  They both have basic levels of training: 

crate and leash trained, excellent retrievers; they both know sit, stay, wait, leave it-take it, quiet.


They are each being offered at our puppy price of $2000.  Though they are no longer puppies, they do have a good bit of training and many quality years to spend as a companion to come. They will need to be spayed.


If you would like more information or to schedule a visit, please fill out our adoption application.