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Routine for Adopting a Maple Lane Labrador

1. Read Adoption Guarantee and Contract: 

It is vital that you understand how we care for our puppies/dogs and how we expect them to be cared for in the future in your home


2. Application:

If you are interested in adopting one of our pups please fill out the adoption application.  We will respond to your application as quickly as possible. We have longer response times in very busy seasons. 

3. Kennel Visit:  

If you would like we then will schedule a visit to our kennel to see the parents and available puppies.   We only accept kennel visits on ‘current’ litters.  If the puppies have been born, this counts as your first visit. Kennel visits may also be conducted in an 'open-house' style visit.


4. Deposit: 

  • A non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy till the pick up date. The deposit is half of the total adoption fee. 

  • Breeder reserves the first 2 picks of each litter.  

  • We accept deposits only after we have a confirmed pregnancy. This could be at ultrasound, at x-ray or at birth, depending on our protocol at the time.

  • If the color/sex combination you have chosen is available in the litter on which you have a deposit and you refuse the puppy, your deposit will not be advanced to another litter or refunded. 

  • If the color/sex combination you have chosen is not available in the litter on which you have a deposit, your deposit will be advanced to the next available litter with that combination. 

  • We accept deposits in the form of cash, check or PayPal transfer (with convenience fee) or Venmo. PayPal; Venmo Amy-Maple-Lane.


You will be notified when the puppies are born. We try to post photos on our Instagram page each week. 


6.  Puppy visits

You are welcome to visit the pups prior to take home day. (They are not very active before 4 weeks and it is just healthier to limit exposure to germs and disease till they are older) This also aids in the transition to their new home by exposing them to your smell. We try to hold ‘puppy parties’ for each litter so all families getting a puppy can come visit and play with the litter.


7. Education & Preparation:

  • Read, read, read!!

  • We send weekly emails with information regarding growth and development as well as pertinent articles for you to study.

  • We provide links to training videos for you to watch so you can spiffy up your puppy training skills or develop some new ones.

  • Next, prepare your home and family for the new arrival. It is important to make your home safe and convenient for you so house training and basic obedience goes smoothly.


We would be glad to help with any questions you have.


8. Pick up day!!

Puppies start going home at 49 days old (7 weeks).  We allow you a week to make arrangements for picking up your new puppy.  If you need more time than that, you can request to board your puppy with us to accommodate your schedule.  Boarding charges apply.  On pick up day we will go over lots of info regarding health and initial care of your puppy. Be sure to have your crate ready to keep your puppy out of trouble when you get home and can't watch him.


9. Transition to your pack: 

Indulge your puppy the first 3-5 days after pick up. Just like people handle stress differently, so do puppies. It usually takes them just a few days to adjust to your home/family. Call or email us if you have any questions.


10. Training starts now!!

With each puppy adoption we offer 2 free (1 hour) training sessions and 2 free days of boarding.  

11. Enjoy your new canine companion for 12+ years!!


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