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IABCA Int'l Ch Belquest Rain of Majesty at Maple Lane


Solomon is the newest member of the family!  He received his
International CH title from the IABCA in October of 2014 and we are
excited to have him with us.

Solomon is a beautiful typey boy with lots of personality!  He always
makes us laugh, whether he is playing soccer with the kids or
snuggling in the house.

DOB:                         October 16, 2013



Cleared by DNA Test for:


  • Degenerative Myelopathy

  • Skeletal Dysplasia 2

  • Centronuclear Myopathy 

  • Exercised-Induced Collapse

  • Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis 

  • Progressive Retina Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration

  • Retinal Dysplasia/Oculoskeletal Dysplasia 1





Penn Hip Score      80% of all Labradors tested



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