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Adopting a puppy can be a stressful time in the life of the puppy and the new family.  

We are here to help with this transition.  I strive to match you with the puppy that best fits your lifestyle and activity level as well as provide you with the best, all-around, healthy, beautiful dog that I can.  


We love our puppies and want to see that they have loving homes in which to grow and thrive.  My job is to help you in that endeavor.  


With each adoption, we offer: 

  • 2 free training sessions  

  • 2 free days of boarding

  • 'Open email’ policy to answer your questions 

Living and working with dogs is a life-long learning process.  I continue to learn about all my animals and I am happy to share the knowledge and expertise I have gained from my own experiences, research and my mentors with you to make YOUR experiences all the better!

If you are interested in adopting a Maple Lane puppy:

Maple Lane Labradors
Faithfully working to produce the 'all-around Labrador':
Sound Temperament
Solid Health
Superior Intelligence
Surpassing Beauty
A Will to Please
and most importantly,
Loyal Family Companion
Upcoming Litters
Expected Litters
Black & Yellow Litter

Jingle X Theodore

Projected Due Date:  01/29/23
Projected Take Home Date:  03/26/23

Adoption Fee $3000
"JOY"  Black Female
Mistletoe X Chaka
Born:  12/23/22
Earliest Take Home Date:  02/10/23
Adoption Fee $3000
See photos below:

Puppy Pictures
(Click photo to see more in each series)

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